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Posted by Wambolf - December 4th, 2021

I posted this text some weeks ago, when I threw my last works as Wambolf, so here's again so you can read it and don't have to go there to read all that s.

i've been really innactive this whole time hs, well my excuse is that, someone robbed me (me as a person) and had me there for like 2 or 3 months, and then I came back, but not to stay :/ I'm doing something different now, well not that different but is still a lil, I have a new twitter that I openned that is for sure my final twitter, I really hope you like my new and upgraded drawings, stay tunned ;)


this is my brand new twitter, yes I changed my name, but that's ok, that was my name for a couple months on other social places here, and it was more comfortable for me to have only one at the time, so yeah, here it is, I'm not posting here anymore, but I'll keep this open for the people who want to see my old art, and I can have like another place to show all my old stuff (I don't know why I wrote this letter, no one is going to read this all, just here to see the pus and bibs, well, to the people who stay till here, love u :3 love me back please :c)


I've been working with the people that is "helping me" but I think they are like putting even more pressure on me, so that's why I've been ignoring those persons, the person that I am actually ignoring with all my strenght is the one that told me he wanted to help me, and be like kinda of a manager for me, but more than that was like a boss asking for his employees to keep working and doing shit, and I didn't like that, I mean, it can be normal because it happens (I think) but to me, personally I don't like it, at the beginning it was fun, but then it started to became something really annoying, one message or more than only one, per day, it was painfull, but I think I will still posting something here sometimes, but in the shadows posting here, but first I have to erase the evidences of this account here in places that he is at, like his dc and that, I'll be easy though, but ye, I need to still, so yeah, I will not stop posting here, the name will be the same, I will try to use mi ig account to, but I don't know what to post there, maybe some sketches, for more activity and to see what I'm actually doing when I'm in silent here, so yeah, that would be my new lifestyle here, I feel like SpiderMan, with double identity, but instead of being a superhero, I'm just someone somewere doing shitty drawing whenever he wants.

please keep following my content if you want :) sending hearts to everyone!


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